Short History

Arba Minch Mekane Yesus Technical College was established in 1964 E.C named Arba Minch Vocational School (AMVS). It was started training in wood work and metal work by taking students from grade 6 who are interested in hand craft.

From 1973 up to 1976 E.C continued training in wood work, metal work and auto mechanics for 10th grade complete students.

In 1977 E.C because of the direction given by the Ministry of education that every Vocational Schools should be upgraded to technical schools giving training in 10+3 level, the school started training in 10+3 for grade 10 complete students. The name was also changed to Arba Minch technical school (AMTS).

The school was well equipped by modern machines and equipment. This enabled the school to give practically rich and effective technical training. Till 1996 E.C the investment and capital budget were totally covered by NLM (Norwegian Lutheran Mission) and other foreign partners.

Because the foreign budget support was terminated, the formal training was ceased for two years 1997 & 1998 E.C.  But short-term training was being given for some trainees from nearby woredas in wood work 5 and general mechanics. During this time study was conducted about future continuity and sustainability of the college. The result of the study revealed that the possibility of re-establishing the college by ensuring its sustainability by self- generated income.

In 1999 E.C by getting accreditation from SNNPR TVET Commission the school has been re-established at college level as Arba Minch Mekane Yesus Technical College and started training in Information technology and automotive technology, 10+1 and 10+3 levels in both regular and extension programs.

In 2016/17, the college conducted a need assessment to open undergraduate program in business fields of study. Owning the long years of experience in teaching, and the resources at hand, it is believed and decisions have been made to start an undergraduate program in Accounting and Finance, Marketing Management, Management and Information Technology fields with main purpose to create an opportunity for needy society in Arba Minch town, neighboring Zones and woredas so as play remarkable role in the development of the country.