The Accounting department in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions plays a crucial role in preparing students for careers in finance, accounting, and business. This department focuses on providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and apply accounting principles and practices.

The primary objective of the accounting department is to equip students with a solid foundation in financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing. Students learn about fundamental accounting concepts, such as financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, cost analysis, budgeting, and financial analysis. They also gain practical experience in using accounting software and tools commonly used in the industry.

Taking the need of the market into consideration, Arbaminch Mekane Yesus Technical college conduct need assessment in 2018 and got accreditation from the SNNPR TVET Agency. Starting from the mentions time, the college continued delivering quality education and training in accounting department.

Overall, the College have been playing a vital role in preparing students for successful careers in accounting and related fields. By providing a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and practical skills, it enables students to contribute effectively to the financial management of organizations and pursue diverse career opportunities in the business world.

Programs in Accounting Department

  1. Regular program (From level 1-4)
  2. Extension program (level 1-4)
  3. Short Term Training

In the last six years, the college built a good reputation of quality education delivery in the region. As a result, the college recorded highest number of students passing Regional Center of competence (CoC) Examinations.